13 July 2006

Colors/Colours ... My take

Colours can bring or evoke a mood or a feeling or an idea... Grey/gray for example can be both silver lining and a cloud that threatens your sky. It is metal strong and smoke wispy. Like blue it spans a dual nature that at both can make you gloomy and strong, and light but weak. It stands between black and white, and confuses them both.

Black, a colour so special that it rejects all other... a different kind of void, a mood of evil but also of equality (for all things look the same in black)... it is "beautiful", and it is haunting. It is the inverse of white.

Brown, it is mother earth and coffee. It is chocolate of richest order (sorry, Europeans but a bittersweet chocolate is my chosen poison. It is drab and flat, and mud... and once boredom and fun on a rainy day.
For me, white is the colour of purity and clean; it is the colour of light in it's most perfect expression. It can be, as well, the epitome of emptiness, of starkness and sparsity. It encompasses everything and nothing at the same moment of existence.
Purple is grapes and Barney (or Grimace) :) It is the colour of kings and the colour of deep thoughts. It is a shade happier than blue, and represents whimsy.
Blue is the sky and the sea... It is the colour of eyes that pierce you. It can be sadness and heartache. Its duality is its draw (and the reason why it's one of my favourite colours on earth.
Green represents nature, a rebirth, money, lushness in which to collapse. It is a magic garden, a forest of dreams.
Yellow is the colour of maize, the colour of gold, the childhood sun. It is lemons and tart, it is a smile.
This orange, this colour of "juice", of rust, of all that is fire and danger... It puts you into a frenetic mood when you see it... it sets you off, good or bad, into energy
Like omg... it's bubble-gum and young girls laughing! It's Pepto Bismol and candy floss/cotton candy... It's cloying (and sometimes I can't stand it)... it's frothy and innocent. It can be flowers of sweet perfume and abandon (at the times when I can stand it.) ;)
I save this one for last... the best the brightest...
It is passion and anger and love... it is the soul
It is roses and a mother's womb... it welcomes and protects
The colour of robins and dragons... it sets me in flight...
The colour of rubies and garnets (my birthstone)... a jewel among mere stones...
The colour of blood and clay... elements of earth and man...

It sets my imagination into motion... I can't imagine life without it.


Blogger *BB* said...

Beautifully written MD, I love colors of all kinds and am always changing them in my surroundings. A new color is like a new day.

13 July, 2006 21:31  
Blogger SportsMed221 said...

WOW - love the description of colors - poetry my man!

13 July, 2006 21:46  
Blogger Undecided said...

Oh, I love your colours! And your blog! LOVE IT!

14 July, 2006 00:11  
Blogger Dave :) said...

wow! what a mental/optical sensation that was...I love it. :)

14 July, 2006 17:25  
Blogger alphabunny said...

this is an amazing idea. i LOVED reading it.

15 July, 2006 03:08  
Blogger bobby said...


15 July, 2006 17:22  

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