19 July 2006

Lag Time

I have been meaning to update this more often. I started this as a way both to express myself and to keep my sanity. Well, the sanity is mostly gone, which means I've not been as expressive as I want to be.

This is my attempt to regain my expression. If it's even a one-line entry filled with a platitude, I will update.

Thanks for listening!


Blogger bobby said...

always here with a keen ear for you my friend :))))))))))

19 July, 2006 15:27  
Blogger alphabunny said...

i really enjoy your words. keep posting, sane or otherwise.

19 July, 2006 15:53  
Blogger *BB* said...

And I've been meaning to remind you to update more often so yay!! I love what you have to say.

20 July, 2006 03:32  
Blogger Dave :) said...

hey guess what?? I goggled "lost sanity" and it came up with...ASouthrnGent's weblog. lolol :)
love your blog, so express when you can, and dont mind us...we'll be over at ms. bunny's lookin for that darn cricket. soo hurry back ok? ok. and bring fooood. we ate all that you had...sorry. :)

20 July, 2006 23:13  

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