20 July 2006

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Never underestimate the power of oatmeal. Yes, oatmeal. I make it part of my workweek routine to engage in a bowl of oatmeal several times a week. With the instant market full of flavours, I have lots of variety to choose from.

Sometimes, it's the simple things, like oatmeal, that can make you very happy.


Blogger Yasser said...

plus it can be very healthy too....

20 July, 2006 12:21  
Blogger *BB* said...

I just finished a bowl, I just rediscovered how satisfying it can be.

20 July, 2006 17:31  
Blogger Dave :) said...

yummy ;)

20 July, 2006 22:45  
Blogger alphabunny said...

I'm Irish. I have oatmeal in my veins.

That's why I am so healthy.

24 July, 2006 19:32  

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