25 July 2006

Slumber in Childhood

I grew up in the era of half-day kindergarten.

This meant that I had to go to daycare afterwards, and even before kindergarten, when I was in daycare (it was NOT pre-school; it did do crafts and activities, but it was meant as entertainment and not necessarily learning), we had nap time.

I was always a child who enjoyed sleeping. I could basically sleep at the drop of a hat (and no, I'm not narcoleptic; I don't just sleep at the drop of a hat.)

But, the sense of "nap" has never left me. In college, I enjoyed the classes that allowed for me to return to my dorm room and nap, then go back to class. Free and easy snoozing an hour away.

I still enjoy naps. Even now, if I can find time for a nap, I will have one. As for sleeping at the drop of a hat, I have napped sitting up unpropped in a chair for as long as 15 min. I am bad. :)

I guess I'm just trying to retain my youth, eh?


Blogger bobby said...

naps are a good thing....take em while we can.....face it wen we are old and wrinkly...we wont dare sleep in fear of not waking lmcao

i love naps but so paranoid about snoring wen in company,,,on a train etc,,, lol xxx

hugs m8 x

25 July, 2006 19:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmm I love naps, I feel asleep sitting upside down in chair once. If the builders left I could have one now!


25 July, 2006 23:50  
Blogger alphabunny said...

Oh my now THIS entry brought back a flood of memories. I went to half-day kindergarten too, but my mom was a stay-at-home mom so my naps were in my own bed.

I also love naps. When i taught a huge class load at the gym my first class was generally at 5:30 so I would hit the couch for 20 min when i got home and started in to the next round of working. I still take them and I can sleep anywhere.

That last thought leads me into THIS observation. If you can sleep in a dorm, then you CAN sleep at the drop of a hat. Noisy as all hell aren't they?

26 July, 2006 22:18  
Anonymous Gargunza said...

I sleep every day in the afternoon and have done for 30 years. Lucky for me I work at home so I can do this. I believe that this is natural and good for you. Nappers are not alone, many well known people have done it including Winston Churchill who napped every afternoon while running WW2 against Germany.

06 October, 2006 21:37  

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